Antikaons in neutron stars studied with extended relativistic mean-field models, N. Gupta, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India − We discuss the role of higher order couplings in conjunction with antikaon condensation using recent versions of relativistic mean field models.  We focus on an interaction (G2) in which all parameters are obtained by fitting finite nuclear data and successfully applied to reproduce variety of nuclear properties.  Our results show that the higher order couplings play a significant role at higher densities where antikaons dominate the behavior of equation of state.  We compare our results with other interactions (NLl, NL3, G1 and FSUGold) and show that the new couplings bring down the mass of neutron star (NS), which is further reduced in the presence of antikaons to yield results consistent with present observational constraints.  We show that the composition of NS vary with the parameter sets.