Magnetised neutron star crusts and shear mode oscillations, D. Bandyopadhyay, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India − We discuss outer and inner crusts of neutron stars in strong magnetic fields.  Here, we demonstrate the effect of Landau quantization of electrons on the ground properties of matter in outer and inner crusts in magnetars.  This effect leads to the enhancement of the electron number density in strong magnetic fields with respect to the zero field case.  For the outer crust, we adopt the magnetic Baym-Pethick-Sutherland model and obtain the sequence of nuclei and equation of state (EoS).  The properties of nuclei in the inner crust in the presence of strong magnetic fields is investigated using the Thomas-Fermi model.  The coexistence of two phases of nuclear matter - liquid and gas, is assumed in this case.  The proton number density in the Wigner-Seitz cell is affected in strong magnetic fields through the charge neutrality.  We perform this calculation using different nucleon-nucleon interactions such as SKM and SLy4.  We find nuclei with higher mass and charge numbers in the inner crust in the presence of strong magnetic fields than those of the zero field case for both nucleon-nucleon interactions considered here.   However, SLy4 interaction has dramatic effects on the proton fraction as well as masses and charges of nuclei.  This may be attributed to the behavior of symmetry energy with density in the sub-saturation density regime. Further we investigate shear mode frequencies using the results of magnetized neutron star crusts and compare those with observations.