Extension of the Liège Intra Nuclear Cascade model to light ion-induced collisions for medical and space applications, S. Leray, CEA/Saclay, IRFU/SPhN, FranceThe Liège Intranuclear Cascade model, INCL4, has been developed to describe spallation reactions, i.e. nucleon and light charged particle induced collisions in the 100 MeV – 3 GeV energy range. Extensive comparisons with experimental data covering all possible reaction channels have shown that, coupled to the ABLA07 de-excitation code from GSI, it is presently one of the most reliable models in its domain.  Recently, the model has been extended to light ion (up to Oxygen) induced reactions, mostly for medical and space application purposes.  This version is available in GEANT4. The first results indicate that the model agrees at least as well as other models with experimental data.  In this paper, the different assumptions and ingredients of the model will be presented and comparisons with relevant experimental data will be shown.  The sensitivity to the de-excitation stage will also be discussed.