Fusion-Fissions and Quasi-fissions of 32,34S- and 48Ti-induced Fissions at Near-barrier Energies, C. J. Lin and H. Q. Zhang, China Institute of Atomic Energy, P. O. Box 275(10), Beijing 102413, ChinaThe fission fragments of 32S+184W and 34S+186W systems have been measured by silicon-strips detectors at energies around the Coulomb barrier.  The angular distributions of 32S+184W system and the mass distributions of 34S+186W system were derived to show the influence of reaction energies, target deformations, and shell effects on the fusion-fission processes.  Moreover, the mass distributions of the fission fragments have been measured by PPAC detectors in reactions of 48Ti beams on 144,154Sm, 162Dy, 174Yb, 186W, 192Os, 196Pt, 200Hg, and 208Pb targets at near-barrier energies.  The systematic tendencies of the mass widths were investigated to display the effects of target deformations, fissilities and energies on the reaction processes.  These experimental studies supply a valuable clue to understand the dynamical processes of competitions between fusion-fission and quasi-fission.