The effect of positive Qxn-value neutron transfer on sub-barrier fusion reaction, H. Jia, China Institute of Atomic Energy, China − Positive Qxn-value neutron transfer effect on the fusion reaction near the Coulomb barrier has been proposed for almost three decades theoretically.  The role is still far from good understanding due to the difficult theoretical description and inconsistent experimental results.  We decided to measure the fusion excitation functions of 32S+90,94,96Zr, 18O+74Ge, and 16O+76Ge at near-barrier energy range by using an electrostatic deflector setup at HI-13 tandem accelerator of CIAE, in which some with positive Qxn-value neutron transfer and others with negative ones but with similar collective properties for reference.  The reaction products were separated by electrostatic fields, and then identified by the TOF-E method.  For these measured systems, large fusion enhancement emerges for 32S+94,96Zr compared with 32S+90Zr, but no enhancement exists for 18O+74Ge compared with 16O+76Ge although of the positive Q2n transfer channel for the first system.