Dynamical aspect of subbarrier fusion reaction in light heavy ion systems, M. Huang, Institute of Modern Physics, CAS, P. R. China − Subbarrier fusion of the 7Li+12C reaction is studied, using an antisymmetrized molecular dynamics model (AMD) with an after burner, GEMINI.  In AMD, 7Li shows an alpha+triton structure at its ground state and it is significantly deformed.  12C is nearly spherical, though it has a 3-alpha cluster structure. Simulations are made near the Coulomb barrier energies, i.e., Ecm = 3-7 MeV.  The cluster structure in 7Li takes a significant role on the fusion reaction, both in the complete and incomplete fusion channels.  Detail comparisons are made with the experimental result of Mukherjee et al. (Nucl. Phys. A596, 299 (1996)), in which a characteristic gamma ray technique was employed.  The total fusion cross section above the Coulomb barrier is reasonably well reproduced, whereas the fusion cross sections below the barrier are underestimated by the simulation. The cross section for the different residue channels is also compared in detail. Some differences are observed, which may indicate that the cluster structure play a significant role in the entrance channel on subbarrier fusion reactions between light nuclei.