Fusion excitation measurement for 20O + 12C for Elab/A=1-2 MeV, R. DeSouza, Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter, Indiana University − Experimental investigation of the sub-barrier fusion of neutron-rich light nuclei is important in understanding the crust of a neutron star, the structure of neutron-rich nuclei, and fusion dynamics of neutron-rich nuclei.  It has recently been proposed that X-ray superbursts may originate from carbon burning ignited by heat from the fusion of neutron-rich oxygen nuclei in the crust of an accreting neutron stars.  An enhancement in the fusion probability, pronounced at energies near and below the Coulomb barrier, may signal the presence of different fusion dynamics as compared to the fusion of less neutron-rich nuclei.  To assess if the fusion probability is enhanced for neutron-rich nuclei, we performed the first fusion excitation measurement for 20O + 12C for Elab/A=1-2 MeV.  Results of this initial experimental measurement will be presented. Improvements underway in the experimental technique employed will be discussed.