Competition between fusion-evaporation and multifragmentation in central collisions in 58Ni+48Ca reaction at 25 AMeV, L. Francalanza for the CHIMERA – ISOSPIN collaboration, Dipartimento di Fisica - INFN Catania, Italia − The experimental data concerning the 58Ni+48Ca a 25 AMeV reaction at Elab(Ni)=25 AMeV in C57 experiment, collected by using  the CHIMERA 4π device, have been analyzed in order to investigate the competition between different reaction mechanisms for central collisions in Fermi energy domain.  The method adopted to select such central collisions, by means of construction of the kinetic energy tensor and of evaluation of the “flow angle” event by event is presented.  Some global observables, able to characterize the pattern of central collisions, have been constructed, and the main features of the reaction products are analyzed in terms of some observables, like mass and velocity distributions, and their correlations.  Greater emphasis was devoted to the competition between fusion-evaporation processes with consequent revelation of a heavy residue and multifragmentation of a well-defined (if any) transient nuclear system formed in central collisions.  Data taken in the C57 experiment.