The NIMROD multi detector a new 4pi array of detectors build at Texas A&M to study reactions mechanisms in heavy ion reactions.  The charged particle detectors are composed of Ionization Chambers, silicon telescopes and CsI(Tl) scintillators covering angles between 3 and 170 degrees.
These charged particle detectors are placed in a cavity inside the revamped TAMU neutron ball.

The charged particle detector setup is composed of:

         To minimize cost of the detector, the INDRA geometry was adopted in the forward direction.  This reduced significantly the cost of the silicon detectors since no mask had to be fabricated.  The forward rings of detectors thus covers polar angles from 3.6 to 45 degrees in 8 concentric rings of 12 CsI(Tl) detector each.  This arrangement will complete the already existing TAMU CsI Ball array which is used almost "as is" from 45-170 degrees.


Mixed Source (228Th, 244Cm, 241Am, 239Pu, 148Ge) Spectrum

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