Carpathian Summer School of Physics


Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics (IV)

From Nuclei to Stars

June 24 - July 7, 2012 - Sinaia, Romania


This will be the 24th edition of a tradition that begun in 1964 with the Summer Schools in Predeal. The event has the title:


Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear/Particle Astrophysics (IV). From Nuclei to Stars


and is the 4th in the latest series with the same title organized in Mamaia (2005) and Sinaia (2007 and 2010). It is organizers’ intention to integrate this school with other three European schools on nuclear astrophysics (the St. Tecla, Russbach and Granada schools - following extensive discussions and in agreement with those schools’ organizers) to create an established network of periodic events that respond to the need of preparing and educating the younger generations of physicists in the cross disciplinary fields of nuclear physics and astrophysics through lectures and meetings with some of the best active scientists.




· Exotic nuclei

· Experiments with rare isotope beams

· Issues in nuclear astrophysics

· Nucleosynthesis

· Nuclear physics for astrophysics

· Neutrino properties and large neutrino experiments

· Astroparticle physics: CR and gamma-rays

· Physics at ELI-NP



International Advisory Committee

























* to be confirmed

Organizing Committee



Livius Trache (TAMU/IFIN-HH)



Iliana Brancus (IFIN-HH), Florin Carstoiu (IFIN-HH), Gina Isar (ISS Bucharest), Matthew McCleskey (TAMU), Alexandra Saftoiu (IFIN-HH), Alexandra Spiridon (TAMU), Gabriel Tabacaru (TAMU/IFIN-HH), Ion I. Ursu (IFIN-HH)

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National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - Horia Hulubei

Cyclotron Institute , Texas A&M University

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T. Aumann (Darmstadt)

C. Rolfs (Bochum)

M. El Eid (Beirut)

H. Schatz (East Lansing)

F. Ferroni (Rome)

A. Smirnov(ICTP)

Z. Fulop (Debrecen)

B. Sherill* (FRIB)

S. Harissopulos (Athens)

O. Sorlin (Caen)

M. Hass (Rehovot)

C. Spitaleri (Catania)

J. Jose (Barcelona)

S. Stoica (Bucharest)

T. Kajino (Tokyo)

R. E. Tribble (Texas A&M)

K.-L. Kratz (Mainz)

M. Wiescher (Notre Dame)

K. Langanke (Darmstadt)

P. J. Woods (Edinburgh)

I. Mocioiu (Penn State)

N. Zamfir (Bucharest)

T. Motobayashi (Tokyo)


H. Rebel (Karlsruhe)