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A. Bonaccorso: Direct Reactions with Exotic Nuclei M.Teshima: Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy C. Rolfs: Quests in experimental nuclear astrophysics R. Tribble: USA Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan 2007 C. Gagliardi: Fundamental Interactions, Nuclear Masses Astrophysics, and QCD
S. Lenzi: Mirror nuclei: symmetry breaking and nuclear dynamics C. Gagliardi: pp Collisions at RHIC M.Hass: Low-energy nuclear astrophysics - the fascinating region of A=7 J. Hardy: Superallowed nuclear beta decay: a window on the weak interaction X. Tang: The N-16 beta delayed alpha decay: Today and Tomorrow
S. Stoica: Double beta decay and derivation of neutrino mass limits R. Rapp: Phase Transitions with Subnucleonic Degrees of Freedom M. Gai: The Coulomb Dissociation of B-8: A New Tool in Nuclear Astrophysics J. Suhonen: Recent Advances in Calculations of the Nuclear Matrix Elements for Double beta Decay R. G. Pizzone: Trojan Horse Method: recent results
M. Horoi: Correlations in Nuclei: Configuration Interaction, Coupled Clusters and Beyond M. Petrovici: Selected aspects of flow phenomena in heavy ion collisions L. Trache: Reaction rates for H-burning in stars from experiments with radioactive nuclear beams P. Woods: The Structure Proton-rich Nuclei in Explosive Nuclear Astrophysical Scenarios F. Carstoiu: Breakup of radioactive nuclei as indirect method in nuclear astrophysics
A. Petrovici: Beyond Mean Field Description of the Gamow-Teller beta-decay D. Delion: Probing nuclear structure by cold emission processes K. Yoneda: Coulomb dissociation of proton-rich sd-shell nuclei for astrophysical interest and related topics S. Shlomo: Properties of finite nuclei and the nuclear matter equation of state S. Mioduszewski: An Overview of RHIC with a Look to the Future
D. Poenaru: Shell corrections stabilizing superheavy nuclei and semispheroidal atomic clusters M. Junker: Nuclear Astrophysics Underground - Experiences and Results of the LUNA Experiment at Gran Sasso M. Harakeh: Study of spin-isospin modes and their influence on astrophysical processes  V. Kroha: Recent astrophysical experiments on cyclotron of NPI at Rez in collaboration with Texas A&M University
B. Laurent: Neutron Interferometry and the Tetranneutron
R. Gherghescu: Necking potential in binary nuclear shapes
A. Neacsu
S. Peltonen: Folding description of alfa decay fine structure to vibrational and transitional 2+ states
F. Negoita: Proposal for a Saltmine Accelerator Laboratory
L. Tesileanu: Barium stars and thermoline mixing
A. Spiridon: Analysis of shear flow and vortex formation in small-scale auroral forms
I. Stetcu: No-core shell model as an effective theory
V. Kuz'min: Spin-Isospin excitations and Muon capture in nuclei
D. Cozma: In-medium properties of vector mesons and dilepton emission in heavy-ion collisions at SIS energies
A. Banu: Astrophysical S-factor of the 12N(p,gamma)13O reaction studied from the (12N,13O) proton transfer reaction
T. Al-Abdullah: Extracting the ANC in Neutron transfer Reactions to Determine the Reaction rates for 22Mg(p,gamma)23Al and 17F(p,gamma)18Ne
M. La Cognata: Experimental study of the 18O(p,alpha)15N reaction via the THM
G. Tabacaru: The upgrade project at Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute

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B. Fields: Primordial Nucleosynthesis in the New Cosmology A. Wolfendale: Cosmic Rays and Cosmology S. Grevy: A "revisited view" of the shell structure and the magic number  H. Ejiri: Majorana neutrinos by Double beta Decays and MOON  N. Grama: Exotic resonant states whose wave functions are localized in the barrier region
K. Kratz: The astrophysical r-process: From B2FH via FK2L to present A. Bettini: Highlights from Gran Sasso P. Biermann: The nature of dark matter J. Vary: Realistic NN and NNN interactions and the nuclear single-particle basis J. Vary: Effective interactions and operators + recent progress in the ab initio No Core Shell Model 
H. Schatz: X-ray bursts and superbursts T. Suomijarvi: The Pierre Auger Observatory: study of the highest energy cosmic rays A. Wolfendale: Cosmic Rays and Global Warming  G. Giacomelli: Atmospheric neutrinos and long baseline experiments CLOSING Remarks:
A. Wolfendale: The Public Understanding of Science: "The Wolfendale Report" G. Navarra: The physics and first results of KASCADE-Grande H. Rebel: The muon charge ratio in cosmic ray air showers J. Bonn: The direct determination of the neutrino mass
R. Tribble: A view point across the ocean A. Haungs: Experimental status of Air Shower Measurements with Radio Antennas: The LOPES project G. Wrochna: Multimessenger observations of GRB and other rapid astrophysical processes H. Kosmas: Neutrino-nucleus interactions at low and intermediate neutrino-energies 
P. Biermann: From my teaching experience on 6 continents and 30 countries Y. Wong : Neutrinos in cosmology C. Borcea : Studies with exotic nuclei: two proton radioactivity
M. Miclea
C. Diaconu: A high energy perspective of science communication
V. Popa
I. Bararu
C. Diaconu: Matter Structure from Deep Inelastic Scattering
M. Rizea: Numerical modelling of scission neutrons emitted during nuclear fission
L. Popa: Precision cosmology and neutrinos
M. Garzelli: Secondary Cosmic Ray Particles due to GCR interactions in the Earth's atmosphere
G. Toma: Investigation of the EAS lateral particle density at 500 m distance from shower core
A. Meli: Cosmic ray shock acceleration in astrophysical environemnts
P. G. Isar: Radio emission in Atmospheric Air Showers Measured by the LOPES-30 Dual-Polarized Antennas in Coincidence with KASCADE-Grande Observations
A. Saftoiu: Update on radio detection of inclined air showers with LOPES-10
E. Medinaceli: Research of massive particles in the cosmic radiation with SLIM experiment
B. Mitrica: Present and future for cosmic ray muons measurements performed with WILLI
A. Isar: Quantum entanglement in open systems
P. Luczak: Muon tracking in KASCADE - GRANDE
G. E. Pavalas: Nuclearite detection with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
M. Mirea: Landau-Zener effect in time dependent Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov equations
L. Joulaeizadeh: